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Zach Green - /Principal / Male / 30 - 35

Detective Neilson - /Principal / Male / 40 - 45

A skeezy web developer who was commissioned to create the “Lotus” app


A real ham and egger. A no frills, no humor type of guy. He is sloppy, witless, and unequipped to handle a case of this level and with such high stakes involving a serial killer and for that reason, despite his obnoxious hubris, is let go from the investigation.

Captain Bellingham - /Principal / Male / 55 - 65

The stern, authoritative leader of Detective Jonathan Cole’s homicide unit who forbids Cole from pursuing the sorority murder investigation any further after suspending him from the previous sting. He is an alpha male with the sharp cutting mouth of a sailor. Ultimately, he is smart enough to relinquish some of his pride when he reveals he needs Detective Cole to be involved in the investigation in order to catch the serial killer.

Saul Wolfe - /Principal / Male / 23 - 27

Social chair of Sigma Kappa and a guy who has way too much fun at college to ever consider graduating.

AJ Tanaka - /Principal / Male / 18 - 25

Attractive, vivacious asian frat member of Sigma Kappa who invites Riley and Becks to their annual rush party.

Miller Rakowski - /Principal / Male / 24 - 28

He’s tall, lean, and boyishly attractive in a consumptive, thoughtful way - the physical opposite to the tanned, wholesome frat boys at the party he is working. He valets for most of the greek life parties and finds himself smitten with freshman Riley Cole. Miller, however, harbors a toxic level of secrecy and revenge. He has much more sinister intentions with Riley than she realizes when he befriends her.

Nathan Villiers - /Principal / Male / 37 - 42

A handsome college professor, he’s witty, smart, and charming. Outside of class, however, his charm leans in the direction of inappropriate when he interacts with female students., often physicalizing his overly friendly nature.

Vincent Hernandez - /Principal / Male / 38 - 45

Ring leader of the meth lab. He is the chief in command of the deadly gang that produces and distributes meth and won’t go out without a fight.

Burns - /Principal / Male / 28 - 35

Fresh faced unit member involved in major drug sting, he is smart and brave when his life is threatened by a dangerous woman strung out on drugs

Jonathan Cole - /Principal / Male / 45 - 55

Riley’s dad, a ruggedly handsome homicide detective, in need of sleep and a shave. As a father he is warm, protective. As a detective he is cunning and relentless, He is plagued with guilt, however, when a drug sting turns dangerous and he accidentally kills a fellow unit member while trying to save him. He is fiercely protective of his daughter Riley and becomes fully engorged in an investigation of a serial when his daughter becomes involved in a string of gruesome murders happening in her sorority. He will stop at nothing to protect her, which often means sacrificing his sleep and physical well being.

Tom Grey - /Principal / Male / 30 - 38

Homicide detective, he respects other senior unit members and is eager to do anything to get to the bottom of the disturbing murder that has transpired at the frat house. Inquisitive and always taking initiative, he uncovers that the dead girl has a mysterious, private app that she has deleted just ten minutes before her death.
a ripped, charming Abercrombie model, frat boy from Sigma Kappa. He is a flirtatious senior who has a crush on freshman Riley Cole. But beyond his all-american persona lies a more lascivious character who is a member of an exclusive hedonistic club called Lotus.

Carter West - /Principal / Male / 18 - 25

Roommate - /Principal / Female / 18 - 22

She is the sweet natured roommate of Blair who comes to check in on her roommate after a late night rendezvous to find her bathroom is covered in blood. When she realizes the killer is still in the house, she fights desperately for her life.
upperclassman, sorority sister in Delta Phi. She aggressively hazes the pledges like a barbie drill sergeant. She is entitled, a bit narcissistic and ultimately unprepared to defend herself against the serial killer stalking her sorority.

Laura Townsend - /Principal / Female / 18 - 22

Blair - /Principal / Female / 18 - 22

Upperclassman, sorority sister in Delta Phi.

Maya - /Principal / Female / 18 - 22

Upperclassman, sorority sister in Delta Phi

Hanna Olsen - /Principal / Female / 30 - 40

A homicide detective, tries to console her fellow unit member, Johnathan Cole after he fails to save another detective in a dangerous drug sting. She works with detective Cole despite his suspension and often is sensitive and concerned about his overall well being throughout the investigation. She is as whip smart as she is thoughtful and nurturing.

Becks Power - /Principal / Female / 18 - 22

A frizzy haired grinning redhead, she has been best friends with Riley since high school and is eager to reinvent herself in college and shed her nerdy past. She sets her sights on completely revamping her social life by joining a top sorority and going to frat parties.

Isabel White - /Principal / Female / 18 - 22

A winsome, attractive senior girl and member of Delta Phi. She is seemingly compassionate but also dismayed when a frat member, Carter West, breaks her heart. She is the first sorority member to be gruesomely murdered by an unknown serial killer
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