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Project Type: Music Video

Director: Ivanna Borin

Shoot Dates: 1/26/19 & 1/27/19

Location: Brawley Ca. Transpo/Lodging Provided

Concept: Lost souls who don’t really fit in, teaming up together to find a brighter future. "Closure" is a story about a group of young adults/outcasts, going on a road trip and leaving everything bad and unfortunate behind. 

If you are interested and available please send 2-3 photos and contact info to

Cullen/Male/Caucasian/Lead/18 - 20 yrs Old

Alex Currie type, very interesting looking, cool,a little messy. Cool kind kid, talented photographer who takes pictures of his friends on the road or maybe a musician who plays guitar.

Reagan/Female/Caucasian-Hispanic/Lead/18 – 20 Yrs Old

Interesting and unique looking(like Cara Delevingne) The girl is a cool tom boy & girl next door type, she is a new girl in school with no friends.She is a mischievous trouble maker, a badass (but still cute and like-able). She is the one whom we open the video with of parents yelling at her.

Lilah/Female/African American/Lead/18 – 20 Yrs Old

Cute, relatable. Very Amandla Stenberg or Alexandra Shipp vibe. The more interesting looking, the better.

Leighton/Female/African American/Lead/18 – 20 Yrs Old

Skinny, Nerdy/Hip. he is very smart and gets picked on all the time but will go on to accomplish great things.

Wyatt/Male/Caucasian/Lead/18 – 20 Yrs Old

Strong young misunderstood youth who who gets a bad rap because of his looks, but he's in fact the sweet guy who watches after everyone, but no one ever looks after him. He is also a badass. Maybe someone like a young high school Machine Gun Kelly in the making.

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