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Justin Timberlake Concert Video


Looking for Real Couples. All Ethnicities. Any Sexual Orientation. All Body Types. All Styles. **18-80 years old **


“Love Stories” will play during intermission of Justin Timberlake's concerts


Instructions for Self-Submission Video:

  • Record Couple with phone, tablet, computer or camcorder.

  • Record horizontally and frame in a medium shot

  • Frame Talents faces from the chest up.

  • Make sure that your device is sitting on a level surface or held steady by someone. We want the video still and not shaky.

  • Make sure lighting is optimal. No bright windows behind you.

  • Find a quiet spot away from too much background noise. You can shoot outside; however try to stay away from busy streets.

  • RECORD looking into camera (One Take) – Please no multiple videos


Audition Questions/Actions: Sitting or standing.


  • Please start with telling us both of your names, ages and how long you have been together as a couple:

  • How did you meet your significant other? What was it that first caught your attention?

  • When/how did you know it was love? 

  • What small detail about his/her/them still melts your heart?

  • What aspects of their love has the deepest impact on you?

  • When your significant other isn’t around, is there something that reminds you of them and almost makes you feel close? (I.e. a T-shirt, a certain food, a song etc.)

  • What element captures his/her/them essence the most? Could be a sound, a smell, a familiar sight, etc.

  • Out side of intimate love, what other types love have a positive impact on your life? (i.e. friends, family, etc.)


Mood: Show us who you really are together. True and honest quirks are golden. Are you Goofy, Serious, fun, madly in love? Don’t hold back all the emotions.


Once completed. Please send the file or link to


Acceptable Video Formats:


  • YouTube Link:(public)

  • WeTransfer

  • Vimeo Link: (allow downloads)

  • Dropbox link

  • Raw File (mov,mp4,m4v,mkv) via email/cloudmail services/etc.



Thanks for your efforts and time!

- Casting =)

Real Couples ❤️ Stories

Self Tape instructions

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