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Art of Panic



Project Type: Feature Film

Director: Josh Cole

Casting Director: Dustin Blackburn

Production Co: Watermelon Entertainment & Dirty Water Pictures

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Self Tape Submissions: 

Rate: $125/8


Dressed in throw-back punk: leather jacket, torn jeans and black creepers. He's a smoker; thin and ruggedly handsome. Hes' dark and seductive but there's a naivete to his outlook on life. He's unaware of the dangerous world in which he and his friend Loyal operate in. He's a thinker and sensitive as well as introspective.

JOE JENSEN / Principal / Male / 18-25


Art of Panic is a comedic, nonstop action film about two twenty somethings who pull off a heist with an ensemble cast of colorful characters who demand a piece of the score. 

Joe Jensen desperately needs to sell the weed he's been getting from his supplier, Allen. But, he just can't part with it. In order to pay for the deficit he's run up, he agrees to drive a car loaded with marijuana from Los Angeles to Vegas. What Joe and his best friend, Loyal Parsons, don't realize is that the car is packed with grade A heroin shipped over the border from Mexico. Through a series of hilarious and bloody mishaps, the two boys lose the car, find a golden sword and a long list of enemies trying to replace the missing merchandise.

A short, very stocky punk rocker, sports a tight tee that says, "fuct" across the front, and 9 eye Docs. A rebel. Loyal is a physical, funny, crazy kid that will do anything for a laugh. He was the class clown before he dropped out of high school. There is a quiet desperation beneath his bawdy, physical humor. He's looking for validation and ultimately family.

LOYAL PARSONS / Principal / Male / 18-25

CATHERINE / Principal / Female / 18-25

Quietly stunning in a black crushed velvet dress over fishnets and red boots, edgy and beautiful.
Hot, blonde and edgy. Catherine’s best friend.

MAYA / Principal / Female / 18-25

Tall dark and handsome. Wears a silk robe with long johns and sandals. Joe and Loyal’s supplier.

ALLEN / Principal / Male / 32

ELIZA/ Principal / Female / 32

Blonde and tall, sexy with a tight t-shirt and mini skirt. Has a large crystal hanging around her neck, not a care in the world.

LOCKE / Principal / Male / 37

Impressively large with a handlebar mustache and a mullet straight out of Canada, he sports a cheap dark suit.

SAMIR / Principal / Male / 32

Middle-Eastern, Wears a dark suit, can be bigger or smaller in size. No matter his size, he's still scary as hell.
He is an enormous, handsome, Mexican man dressed in an expensive camel's hair coat with scarf and gloves.

El CID / Principal / Male / 52

White wanna be thug. Think James Franco from Spring Breakers or a young Riff Raff.

BRASS-K / Principal / Male / 21

MILLY / Principal / Female / 24

Brunette bombshell. Hard core Latin girl. Drives a motorcycle with a sidecar.
Skinny with a grizzled face, wears cowboy attire, and he always chews a toothpick.

RALPH JONES / Principal / Male / 42

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